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2024 Taco Drivetrain Options

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Here is a good look at the drivetrain options for the next gen 4Runner, which usually shares drivetrains with Tacomas.

A hybrid TRD Pro would be perfect IMO.
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19/22/21 is what MPG peaks around in the Tundra hybrid for city/highway/combined. I wonder if they can tune it enough to beat what the Tacoma currently gets, which is 21/19/24 combined.
That mileage estimate for the Tundra hybrid is a big jump over the 13/17/14 my 5.7L Tundra sucks down. If they can improve the Tundra that much with a smaller engine hybrid, maybe there are serious gains for the Taco too. Hopefully we will know more soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts