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2024 Toyota Tacoma coming with manual transmission!

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This week's TacoTuesday teaser more than makes up for last week's somewhat lame removable speaker. We're getting a manual!

Toyota dropped the photo above on Instagram and Facebook saying, "We've seen your questions. And guess what? The all-new 2024 #Tacoma is coming in clutch..." but they also put out a short press release (text below).

I honestly never would have guessed. I have to assume this will be the non-hybrid base engine, but what do you all think?

Toyota press release:
Legends are more than automatic; they always come in clutch. The all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma, available with a six-speed manual transmission.
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Great to see Toyota is keeping the manual alive! It's probably a modified version of the 6-speed in the outgoing model.
Nice! Gotta love the stick shift love. Funny to have a 6-speed stick and (what?) a 10-speed auto?
That is a nice surprise about the manual transmission. Before I decided to wait for a 2024 I tried to find a 2023 with a manual and I never could locate one. I hope they will make more manuals available in the new Taco, but I am not holding my breath.

I really doubt that Toyota will ever offer a hybrid with a stick, so I agree that it will probably only come with the base engine, which would be a nice drivetrain.
I'll be honest I didn't have my hopes up for a manual Tacoma but I'm happy that Toyota proved me wrong! I wonder how many different trim levels you'll be able to get with a manual.
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