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2024 Toyota Tacoma tow rating predictions

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Place your bets! What do you think the new Tacoma will be rated for?

The 3rd-gen ratings range from 3,400 lbs up to 6,800 lbs depending on how you spec it.

It seems like going turbo 4-cylinder has dropped the tow rating for the GM twins, which used to hold the crown in their old V6 configuration.

Nissan's max rating is pretty close to the current Tacoma max with a range between 6,260 lbs and a max of 6,720 lbs thanks to its V6.

I'd have to guess the max rating for the 4th-gen Taco will drop, but could the hybrid tech help bridge the gap?
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I hope the hybrid tech can either keep the towing capacity the same or bump it up a bit closer to 7,000 pounds. Because the Colorado and Ranger are around 7500 pounds I believe (not exactly sure the specifics)

If the tow capacity does decrease I hope it's not by a lot.
The Tundra V6 hybrid has a max tow rating of a little over 11,000 lbs, which is more than the last gen 5.7L V8 version. An F150 V6 hybrid has a similar rating, so maybe the hybrid Taco will maintain or even improve its tow rating on the 4th gen. I hope that at least it does not go down.

That is just another detail I am looking forward to seeing when Toyota finally reveals 4th gen details. Maybe it will be another good surprise as the Taco evolves.
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