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2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter Prototype Spotted?

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TFL has pictures of what could be a Tacoma Trailhunter Prototype out testing.

This prototype may be the all-new Trailhunter model that Toyota teased a little while ago. The Trailhunter model is planned to be an overland-focused trim level. It is not meant to replace the TRD Pro, which will continue. The Trailhunter model is meant more for slower rock crawling and handling heavier payloads. It should also showcase many partner parts such as steel (or metal) bumpers, different wheels/tires, a roof rack, a bed rack, a bed-top tent, and more.

The prototype appears to have a snorkel-type air intake and a roof rack. More interesting is that it also appears to be a long-wheelbase version of the next Tacoma. Just look at the rear of the cab to the rear axle length.

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The wheels, ride height and some of the bodywork sure seems to take after what Toyota did to the Tundra Trailhunter.
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Between this and the manual transmission teaser, and the hybrid option, I'm kinda surprised (pleasantly) by how many variations Toyota seems to be planning. This feels like the old days of pickups and it makes me think they've decided to win back the segment by offering something for everyone.
It's too much to hope for, but imagine this long wheelbase with a short cab and an 8-foot bed!
Nice concept and I hope that it is close to the real thing.

It is not fair for Toyota to make so many nice versions of their sweet, next gen Taco. I really want a TRD Pro but that Trailhunter looks awesome too, and might be worth the extra cost. I probably don't need a TH but I sure would like to own one.

I hope all of that cladding comes off soon and we can see the next design of the best truck ever. Enough with the tease Toyota.

What I see so far makes me all the more eager to get to the big unveil and see the goods.
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