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We have new photos of the 4th generation Toyota Tacoma engaging in some off-road testing. They give us our best look at some of its Tundra-based details.

No Suspension Camouflage: Evidence of Coil Springs Shows

For the first time there's no camouflage handing down on the rear bumper and rear wheels on the Tacoma. With the suspension camo gone, we were able to get our best look at the Tacoma’s new suspension design—and it’s clearly heavily influenced by Toyota’s new Tundra.

The new Tundra uses Toyota’s TNGA GA-F platform (also shared with the new Land Cruiser), and the Tacoma has been expected to use an adaptation of this new architecture to modernize its midsize offering.

These new shots help to confirm that something very close to the Tundra is being used to build the new Tacoma. We see evidence of the same rear suspension details, and the same mounting points for the coil springs. We also get an uncovered look at the Tacoma’s rear trailing arm design, which are another match to the Tundra’s rear suspension design. There are definitely no leaf springs in use on the next-gen Tacoma.

We also get a look at the Tacoma’s pickup box. Right now it's pretty basic at this stage of testing.

A Look Inside The Tacoma Mule

We also have our first look at the Tacoma's interior and things are a bit rough right now. These prototypes are clearly using the Tundra's interior but it looks like it wasn't well put together. Much of the dash is exposed for easy access to wiring and there seems to be a lot more work to do to get the truck ready.

Many modified Tundra parts are in use throughout this prototype, just scaled down. The placement of the fuel door—and it’s relation to the cab—says that this mule is fitted with a 5.5-foot bed (which is only available on the the Tundra’s CrewMax configurations. It’s clear that this mule—with its smaller and cab and shorter bed—is designed to test a smaller, midsize truck like the upcoming Tacoma.

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