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Friday's Tacoma reveal happening in Hawaii

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A tiny bit of news I just spotted on FB - the 2024 Tacoma reveal is taking place in Hawaii, just like the 2016 debut, apparently.

Nice that they're going back to the same spot they launched the last truck but mostly it's just good to learn some actual details about the event since Toyota's been so tight lipped the last couple weeks.

As an east coaster, I'm a little worried about the time difference, hopefully it's not too annoying, but I'm aware folks on this side of the continent are usually the ones that get catered to so I'm not going to complain too much if it's super late/early.
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I wonder if Toyota will do anything special with the local Toyota community sort of like what Ford did with the new Mustang.

Ford held a rally with a Mustang prototype with the final destination at the actual production model reveal.
If Tim is there it's probably all journalists.
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