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How to find the most up-to-date status of your Toyota Tacoma

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When the time comes to order your Tacoma, here's a great way to stay up to date on your truck's status.

1. Go to https://guest.dealer.toyota.com/v-spec/[YOUR VIN]/detail (Replace [YOUR VIN] with your VIN) in Google Chrome. If you receive a "Page you are looking for is not found!" message instead, the car may probably be sold already.

2. Open Google Dev Tools by right-clicking the page and selecting "Inspect".

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3. Go the Network Tab and refresh the page

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4. In the red box, scroll down until to find an entry with the name “[YOUR VIN]?isVspec=true” e.g. “JTMAB3FV6ND080732?isVspec=true”. You can also input your VIN in the filter field up top to find it quicker (There will probably be two entries, both should be the same). Once you find it, click it.

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5. Click the Preview tab if not already and you will then see some data. Locate “dealerCategory”. Then BOOM, this will be the status of your car.

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"A" Status (in production, on the ship, or sitting at the port) -> "F" (Checked in at the port and in the process of moving from the port to the dealership lot) -> "G" (At the dealership lot).

This is the quickest way to find the status of your car as this is coming directly from Toyota.
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