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Leafs vs Coils

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Which is actually better? I see nearly all 2024 models ride on coils.
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There's definitely a payload advantage to leafs. If you're thinking you need to tow/haul near the upper range of what's possible, you'll want the base suspension.
For most uses though, the coils should offer much better on road feel, plus they're generally better offroad because they offer more axel articulation.
I highly recommend this article on the subject

"the relatively limited axle articulation envelope brought about by a leaf spring means that you may very well encounter a wheel in the air when off-roading. This can be tiresome if you’re other three wheels don’t have sufficient traction to get you out of a sticky situation."
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You guys have nailed it. The leaf springs are best for heavy loading or towing. Coils are best for ride and articulation.

Unless you plan to really work your new Taco, coils are the best choice, as reflected in the upper level trims. Ram has offered rear coils for a long time and a friend had a 2014 Sequoia that had IRS with coils, so it obviously can be done. I think cost is the biggest factor in that choice.
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