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Live photos from the 2024 Toyota Tacoma launch event

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I've combed over all the official photos from Toyota now, so I thought I'd collect some shots from the auto journalists assembled in Hawaii for the first drives.
Sky Wheel Tire Cloud Vehicle
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle
Tire Sky Cloud Wheel Vehicle

Tire Wheel Cloud Vehicle Sky

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Car

Plant Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Cloud Car

Tire Wheel Plant Car Land vehicle

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Everything about the Trailhunter looks so right. The TRD Pro and Limited could look better in my opinion.
I agree about the Trailhunter, which just looks like my dream of a perfect offroad truck.

But I still like the TRD Pro, as well as the TRD Sport and Off Road models, which both have been a lot of value for the coin in past Tacomas. I am not interested in a luxury Taco either, but I'm sure that many buyers are. But I agree that the Limited could definitely look better. Knowing Toyota it is probably spot on for their target buyers.

I like having lots of choices to fit our different wants and needs.

To me it is all good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts