If you need a reminder to always change your oil when required, then let this million-mile Tacoma be a lesson.
"An alternator replacement, new timing chain, and timing chain guides are the closest this Toyota has come to a major job. The shop says that only OEM parts are used, which surely helps. The clutch was replaced hundreds of thousands of miles ago by another garage, but again, it's holding on pretty dang well.

Aside from those repairs, the Tacoma is bone stock. It's a 2.7-liter four-cylinder model with a five-speed manual, so it's just about the simplest example you could buy in 2008. And simple is best when you're talking durability and reliability. With only 159 horsepower, it was never the quickest or most exciting pickup on the road, but I'd argue being able to drive 1.1 million miles without any real problems is even more exhilarating than speed."