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Should Toyota Make A Tacoma Prime PHEV?

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Should Toyota make a plug-in hybrid version of the Tacoma? Or should the no bother and jump straight into an EV when the time comes?

Also, if Toyota did make a plug-in hybrid Tacoma, would you get one?
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A PHEV Taco might interest me, but it would depend on the spec.

I think the hybrid Tacoma will use a 4 cylinder to give the performance of a V6, like the current Tundra uses a V6 to equal the performance of the old 5.7L V8. If the PHEV had similar performance, a decent all electric range and a reasonable price I might consider it.

But I expect that Toyota will just hold off until it introduces an EV Taco sometime in the future. We will know a lot more on the 19th.
Could they use a version of the PHEV in the new Prius?

In the Prius it makes :220 hp, 139 lb-ft

That's probably not enough torque for a truck. In fact.... it's definitely not.

Still, getting 45 mpg sure would be a seller for some.
They have a 2.5L Hybrid in the HIghlander which makes a total of 243 hp combined and could be better tuned for a truck. It is not a PHEV though, so decent performance and mileage, but no EV. Really looking forward to the details on the different drivetrains in this cool new truck Toyota has created for us.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts