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The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is Hiding a Secret In Its Bed!

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TFL did a little deep dive into the recent Tacoma teaser photos and shared some interesting stuff about the bed.

They pointed out that you can see a lip on the tailgate, and that the track system for bed tie-downs remains.

However, there are a couple more clandestine clues hiding in the truck’s bed.
One is a bit more obvious: There’s a lip on the edge of the tailgate that may help with the Taco’s everyday aerodynamics. When the tailgate is closed, at least, that may help handle the air pass over the rear of the truck just a little bit easier. It appears the track system for the bed tie-downs is also still there, though we’re a bit perplexed about what’s going on between those bedrails and the tailgate. We can’t see much in the image above, but perhaps there’s something more than meets the eye there too.
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I bet we see some cool new bed tech with the 2024 Taco. It is too soon for me to guess what that might be. however

The 2005Taco introduced the composite bed and mine worked hard and looked just as good 6 years later as it did when new. It has become an industry standard and I think Toyota will move the concept forward. The bed inverter was also innovative at the time, but too puny to be of much real use. Maybe they will fix that.

I wish I had never sold that 2005 Taco, which was a really sweet truck. But the 2024 looks like it might be exactly what I want in my next truck and another fine Taco in the family.
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