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Toyota Racing Development and Original Grain Watches

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Toyota Racing Development and Original Grain Partner have partnered to create a collection of watches called the Solar Octane Collection.

Would anyone considering getting one?

The motorsport-inspired watches feature design elements directly from the TRD Pro line of vehicles

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (May 18, 2023)Original Grain, the renowned watchmaker known for its craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability, announces today a strategic collaboration with Toyota Racing Development (TRD), Toyota’s longstanding factory-backed racing division, to release a new watch collection. The Solar Octane watch collection pulls its vibrant color from the TRD Pro series of trucks including the newly redesigned Toyota Sequoia and Tundra. The Solar Octane Collection is available for purchase at www.originalgrain.com, with watches starting at $595.

“The Solar Octane Collection brings together a level of detail and craftsmanship that TRD fans will appreciate, and we know that they will be happy with the way Original Grain transformed our iconic TRD Pro series of trucks into this collection,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president of Toyota Division Marketing at Toyota Motor North America. “These watches are like high-performance machines on your wrist.”

The Solar Octane Collection features three unique watch styles: the TRD PRO Rugged Automatic 45mm, the TRD SPORT Barrel Design 46mm, and the TRD OFF-ROAD Rugged Design 45mm. Each watch incorporates design elements from the Tundra TRD Pro, including the subtle digital camo details found throughout the interior and exterior and a solar movement that pays homage Toyota’s new innovative i-FORCE Max hybrid motor.

The TRD Pro Solar Octane collection of watches are handcrafted using durable and rugged materials, a perfect Father’s Day gift for off-roaders and adventurers alike. The TRD PRO model features an ultra-light aluminum frame, and an automatic movement with a skeleton dial and case back, and is limited to only 250 pieces, adding to its exclusivity. The TRD OFF-ROAD model, also limited to 250 pieces, features a rugged bezel and solar movement. The TRD SPORT model features a solar movement and hits of Solar Octane color on the band. Both the TRD OFF-ROAD and TRD SPORT reflect OG’s commitment to sustainability in watchmaking.

“We are honored to be working with Toyota’s iconic TRD brand to bring their rugged and adventurous spirit into our watch collection,” Ryan Beltran, co-founder of Original Grain. “With automatic and solar movements, this collection is the epitome of sustainability in watchmaking.”

The partnership with Toyota is expected to pique the interest of TRD fans, off-roaders, and watch enthusiasts looking for something unique and sustainable to add to their collection. For more information visit originalgrain.com or find the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.
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These actually look excellent!

Never heard of Original Grain before... but I don't know a lot about watches.
These actually look excellent!

Never heard of Original Grain before... but I don't know a lot about watches.
I hadn't heard of them either but going through their website they make some quality stuff.
Pretty cool to see one of them shares the same type aluminum the trucks use:

"The TRD PRO edition is forged from the same ultra lightweight racing-grade aluminum as the Solar Octane lineup of trucks."
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