Toyota was spied benchmarking these two Rivian R1Ts electric pickups at its Ann Arbor, Michigan Tech Center.

Further indicating that these are being tested by Toyota, are the Texas Manufacturer license commonly found on their test vehicles. These two R1Ts were also seen entering and exiting the automakers tech center and even driving within it, as seen in the photos below of a black R1T behind the gate.

This indicates to us that early R&D for Toyota's upcoming EV pickup is underway.

Late last year a Tacoma-like electric pickup concept was revealed along with other EV concepts. The pickup is expected to be one of Toyota's next all-electric vehicles for the masses within the midsize or midsize-plus segment, similar to the R1T.

Other than these photos, there has been no other indication that R&D for a Toyota EV pickup truck is underway. But that should change going forward, stay tuned!
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