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What's your second-choice option?

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It's a fun time in the mid-size truck world with just about all the competitors being fairly new or with replacements coming very soon. I'm curious what other options folks here are considering beyond the 4th-gen Taco.

Here's the obvious list of competitors in North America:
Nissan Frontier (recently overhauled)
Ford Ranger (replacement coming soon)
Chevy Colorado (new model now)
GMC Canyon (ditto)
Jeep Gladiator (a few years old)
Honda Ridgeline (refresh/replacement rumoured soon)

Did I forget anything? If you're considering any of these, what do you see as their various strengths and weaknesses vs. what you're hoping for in the new Tacoma.

Or are you a Toyota loyalist considering a Tundra or current-gen Taco?

For me, the new GM twins seem like the strongest competitors, but I'm holding out hope the new Ranger has a hybrid option because the iFORCE MAX is the thing I'm most excited about on the new Tacoma.
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My first instinct would be to get a pre-owned Tundra or Tacoma if for some reason I couldn't get the new Tacoma.

But if I was forced to pick something from the remaining list I'd look at the Canyon or Ridgeline first. I like the Canyon's look over the Colorado and the Ridgeline would be good in and out of town.
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